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By Diana Thompson

Pack It!!

Staging your home to sell doesn’t have to be daunting. You will be moving anyway so why not get a head start of your packing now and box up the extras. Clear the clutter in every room!

Let’s start in the kitchen. We all know that this is the “prime” of your real estate. Begin by clearing off your counter, and I mean clear it! The toaster, the mixer, the coffeemaker…get it all gone! Store them out of sight in the cupboard. No room? Then box up and pack away some non-essentials to make room.

Yes, I know that this is very inconvenient, but if it means selling your home faster, then it is worth it!

Now step back and have a good look at your kitchen. I would even suggest taking a picture of it with your smart phone. This way you get a different perspective, as though looking at it through someone else’s eyes.

How do the curtains look? Dated! Then take them down. You will be surprised just how much this opens and freshens up the room.

Does the room need a fresh coat of paint, in perhaps a more neutral, “todays” colour?  This would make a world of difference. I know, what you are thinking, why do all this work if you are moving?  Because, when a buyer see’s a room painted in a colour that they are not fond of, then they will start adding up all the work that they will have to do to get the house move in ready for them. They begin to see big dollar signs that they will want to deduct from your list price. And really, all it costs is a gallon of paint and some elbow grease.  Fifty bucks is worth it if it helps you get to the top of your areas market value.

Maybe the light fixture in the kitchen could use some updating. Swap it out for a new one. Go to Rona or Home Depot and check out their sales. And don’t go too small. Remember the scale of the area that it will go in. Take a picture of our kitchen with you and get one of the sale people to give you some advice…. it’s free! 

 So now you’ve spent maybe $150.00 but it looks like a million! Your kitchen is amazing! The buyers will love it.

On to the living room. Just keeping clearing and boxing all those beautiful things and knick-knacks that have so many memories for you. Remember, they hold nothing special for the prospective buyer.

You may think the room now looks too empty and void of warmth, but this is what buyers want to see. It’s easier to picture themselves in a room that is non-personal. And don’t forget to take all the family photos down off the wall, or from the bookshelves and get them ready for moving.

Now step back and take another picture. Is the couch really too big for the space or maybe it was one you got on sale and it’s dated? Not too sure what I mean by dated?  Go to Google and type in “out dated couches” then select “images”. You will see a ton of older style couches. If you see your couch there, either store it, cover it or get rid of it. Buyers have a hard time seeing past the furniture. For some reason they tend to focus on the contents instead of the bones of the house. So the easier you make it for them, the faster and better the sale of your house will be. At first you may think that this is a lot of work for someone else, but really it’s for you. Decluttering helps sell.

So you get the picture. Just pack away all your ornaments, toss magazines in the recycle bin or donate them to a friend. Declutter, declutter, declutter. Pack away as much as you can. Take out some pieces of furniture, make the spaces look big and spacious. Maybe your friend will let you borrow a corner in her garage or basement for a brief time.

Who knows? Maybe you will like this new venture and want your new home to be clutter free as well.

Do I hear Yard Sale??

Also, start thinking of it as a house, not your home. Your home is where your heart is and soon that will be in something bright and new for you!!

Next blog, we’ll tackle the bedroom with some cheap easy fixes to make your oasis just that!

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